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Joining with Toys R Us to Benefit Holiday Wishes of Austin


Booster Club President, Carl, and Booster Club Philanthropy Director, Eric, with Tess, the Toys R Us manager who helped us by discounting our entire purchase.

The Seattle Seahawks Booster Club in Austin, Texas is not only the place to find the best Seahawks watch party in Austin, it also supports local charities in the Austin area.

Just like the team they love, the Seattle Sea Hawkers Austin, TX 12s believe in supporting their local community. It is one of the core principles of the club.


Getting ready to shop!

After raising over $2,500 for LLS since the beginning of the season in August, the group’s second charity endeavor for the year is donating toys to Partnerships For Children’s Holiday Wishes Program. This charitable organization provides gifts during the holidays for children in the Austin area who are currently in foster care.

Club members recently met at the Toys R Us located at 12901 I-35 in North Austin to purchase $1,000 in toys to benefit Holiday Wishes. Upon hearing the purpose of the shopping spree, Tess (one of the managers at this location) didn’t hesitate to offer an additional discount so they could purchase even more toys for kids in foster care!

Beyond that, she and her team were friendly, accommodating and helpful. The club truly appreciates their generosity in helping us serve foster children in Travis and Williamson Counties.

Aside from additional toys purchased by members who attended the toy buying event, the $1,000 core purchase came 100% from the Austin, Texas 12s Sea Hawkers Booster Club. All of that money is a direct result of memberships and fund raising events like drawings on Seattle Seahawks game day in Austin. If you’re a member or have participated in the game day drawings, you contributed to this project. Thank you!