Welcome Seahawks Fans!

Questions? Here are some answers!

Common Interest Seahawks Sports Bar

We get serious about the Seahawks!

Q: Do I have to join Sea Hawkers Booster Club to watch games with your group?

A: Definitely not. If you’re a Seattle Seahawks fan, you’re welcome! There are benefits available only to members during game days (drink specials and some raffle drawings) but you can definitely come watch without being a member. We welcome all Seahawks fans – local or from out of town.

Q: Are all the Seahawks watch parties at the same spot?

A: Yes. We watch all games at The Common Interest at 8440 Burnet Road in North Austin. They are a dedicated Seahawks bar. They painted a wall and proudly display Seahawks team plaques and memorabilia for our team year round. They give special pricing to club members on drinks during games, hire extra staff for game days and make sure we are well taken care of.

Q: Why should I come to Common Interest to watch a game that’s broadcast on network tv?

A: Watching at home is fun, but watching with fellow 12s can’t be beat. This fan said it all: “It is a privilege to go to a bar in central Texas to watch a Seattle Seahawks game and feel like I’m back home in the Great Pacific Northwest.”  

Q: What kind of benefits do I get for being a Booster Club member?

A: Booster Club members get access to special prize drawings on every game day, happy hour prices on drinks at The Common Interest (our team sports bar), access to on-site privileges for games at Century Link field, invitations to members-only social events, the option to purchase Members Only club gear and participate in charitable activities with the club. Check out our Booster Club Membership page for all the details.

Q. Are people under 21 allowed?

Yes. The Common Interest is a bar and grill, supervised kids and adults under 21 are welcome.

Q. I have a question, but it isn’t about membership. Who should I ask?

We have a very active Facebook group just for Seattle Seahawks fans in Austin. It is a private group (keeps out the people just trying to sell stuff and post spam) but everyone who lives in Austin, is from the Seattle area, or has a profile on Facebook that looks legitimate is approved to join. Ask your question there, or if you’d prefer to keep it private you can contact us here and we’ll promptly answer any questions you have by email.